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Monterey Bay Area Sensitive Resources Mapping Project Final Report


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This planning effort identifies sensitive resources in the Monterey Bay Area region to give transportation project managers a better understanding of the potential mitigation projects may require, allowing for long‐term resource planning and early mitigation. The majority of planned transportation projects for the next 30 years which were identified in the 2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (MTP/SCS). The resulting 32 maps provide a high level reference for project managers to assess how planned projects may affect a number of sensitive resources.

The resources assessed in this report are (1) wetlands, (2) liquefaction zones, (3) select sensitive plant species, (4) select sensitive animal species, (5) coastal zones, (6) sensitive farmlands, (7) wildlife corridors, (8) parks, and (9) other protected areas. Project‐resource intersections depicted in these maps represent key conservation/restoration areas that may be subject to regulation, and are a starting point for identifying high‐level conservation/restoration priorities as called for in the Guide to Integrated Ecological Framework (C06A) research. The results of this report can be used to engage in discussions with resource agencies in order to explore project options, avoidance, and mitigation options.

This project implements State Highways Research Program Round 2 (SHRP2) goals established in the Integrating Ecological Mitigation to Enhance Efficiency (C06) report by applying the associated implementation process called the Integrated Ecological Framework (IEF). The IEF is a process for identifying sensitive resources in the early stages of highway planning when there are greater opportunities for avoidance, minimizing potential impacts, and mitigation planning.

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