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Energy Efficiency Resources


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Commercial Energy Efficiency Resources

  • Project Rebates & Incentives
  • Financing
  • Technical Audits
  • Energy Benchmarking

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Project Rebates & Incentives

PG&E provides rebates and incentives for projects that reduce energy use. PG&E customer representatives may be able to assist in streamlining the rebate process by helping to manage applications so that rebate criteria's are satisfied and the maximum potential incentive is obtained.

Rebates are available when a customer purchases an approved energy-efficiency product. Product categories include lighting, HVAC, water heating, business computing, refrigeration, and other general energy efficiency improvements.


Financing is available for commercial customers to complete qualified energy efficiency projects. Two main loan programs exist for energy efficiency projects. PG&E’s On Bill Financing (OBF) program provides 0% loans for qualified energy efficiency projects for commercial customers. The California Energy Commission provides Energy Efficiency Financing to public sector customers for qualified energy efficiency projects with loan programs funded as part of Energy Conservation Assistance Act. Other grant and bond opportunities for energy efficiency projects are also available on occasion.

Technical Audits

Customers may be able to obtain professional technical energy audits for their facilities. Numerous contractors offer free lighting audits. Free technical engineering audits may also be available through PG&E and the California Energy Commission for qualified projects.

Energy Benchmarking

In 2012, AMBAG benchmarked the energy use of 220 municipal facilities in the Monterey Bay region using the EPA’s online Portfolio Manager benchmarking tool. AMBAG has also benchmarked over 200 K-12 school campuses using the Portfolio Manager benchmarking tool. AMBAG recommends that customers benchmark their facilities because it is a great way to identify potential energy efficiency projects and is the first step to saving money on utility bills.