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Public Participation Plan


For more information about this plan, contact Miranda by email or phone: (831) 264-5096

AMBAG incorporates public participation into all of its planning processes. The Public Participation Plan provides guidance in the structuring of regional transportation planning processes to ensure that, to the greatest extent possible, inter-agency consultation and public participation are an integral and continuing part of the regional transportation decision making process. The participation policies and procedures described in the plan are structured to comply with all applicable federal and state legislation, rules, and express the genuine regional value and interest for all residents to participate in the shaping and implementation of regional policies and decisions regarding the transportation system.

AMBAG serves as the regional forum for the study and discussion of regionally significant issues, including housing, transportation, energy, water, and environmental quality. Elected officials from the eighteen cities and the three counties form the AMBAG’s Board of Directors. AMBAG’s mission states: “AMBAG provides strategic leadership and services to analyze, plan and implement regional policies for the benefit of the Counties and Cities of Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz, balancing local control with regional collaboration.” In pursuing its mission, AMBAG strives to inform and involve its jurisdictions and the general public throughout its various programs, projects, and work activities conducted by the agency.

AMBAG and its regional planning partners seek the participation of a diverse set of communities with an interest in regional planning efforts, including lower income households, minority populations, Limited English Proficiency (LEP) populations, persons with disabilities, representatives from community and service organizations, tribal organizations, and other public agencies.

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