2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan/ Sustainable Communities Strategy

AMBAG is developing a technical update to the current 2035 MTP/SCS which was adopted in June 2014. The 2040 MTP/SCS is scheduled for adoption in June 2018. Federal and state law requires that AMBAG prepare a long-range transportation plan every four years.

2040 MTP/SCS Work Program & Schedule

AMBAG staff has developed a detailed work program and schedule for the 2040 MTP/SCS that incorporates a variety of planning efforts. In accordance with state and federal guidelines, the 2040 MTP/SCS is scheduled for adoption by the Board of Directors in June 2018.

2040 MTP/SCS Public Involvement Plan

The 2040 MTP/SCS Public Involvement Plan is the guide for all MTP/SCS public involvement activities conducted by AMBAG and contains the procedures, strategies and techniques used by AMBAG to inform and educate the public throughout the 2040 MTP/SCS process.

2040 MTP/SCS Workshop Flyer

The Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG) invites you to come learn about new tools to help shape our future together in collaborative and positive ways! Get involved and let us know what you think as we move forward to 2040.