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Municipal Program & Special District Program


For more information about this program, contact Amaury by email or phone: (831) 264-5089

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Municipal Services

  • Project Rebates & Incentives
  • Low-Cost Installation
  • Financing
  • Technical Audits
  • Energy Bencharmarking
  • Project Assistance

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Project Rebates & Incentives

AMBAG Energy Watch and PG&E provide rebates and incentives for projects that reduce energy use. Energy Watch staff will assist in streamlining the rebate process by managing applications with PG&E to ensure that rebate criteria is satisfied and the maximum potential incentive is obtained.

Rebates are available when a PG&E customer purchases an approved energy-efficiency product. Product categories include lighting, HVAC, water heating, business computing, refrigeration, and other general energy efficiency improvements. Energy Watch staff will help identify qualified products that are eligible for rebates.

Customized energy efficiency retrofit project categories include lighting, motor, and HVAC. Energy Watch staff will help manage this incentive process that requires a pre and post engineering inspection of the project.

Low Cost Direct Installation of Energy Efficiency Measures

AMBAG Energy Watch offers a turnkey energy efficiency program. This program includes an energy audit of your facilities at no cost to your organization. The audit is reviewed with your team and you are able to select from the recommendations which energy efficiency measures you would like to implement. If you choose to proceed with installation, our program provides a streamlined process of quality-guaranteed product installation. The funding provided through the AMBAG Energy Watch program makes it possible to deeply discount the costs related to the installation of energy efficiency measures. Measures included in the program are energy efficient lighting including dimmable options, LED exit signs, occupancy sensors for lighting, vending machine controllers, and PTAC heating/air conditioning control systems.


Energy Watch staff will help assist municipalities and special districts analyze, apply, and manage grant or loan financing for qualified energy efficiency projects. Two main loan programs exist for energy efficiency projects being considered by local government entities. PG&E’s On Bill Financing (OBF) program provides 0% loans for qualified energy efficiency projects. California Energy Commission Energy Efficiency Financing provides a 1% or 3% loan under the Energy Conservation Assistance Act for qualified energy efficiency projects. Other grant and bond opportunities for energy efficiency projects are also available on occasion. Contact Energy Watch staff to discuss these exciting project financing opportunities.

Technical Audit Assistance

Energy Watch is able to help jurisdictions and special districts obtain professional technical energy audits for facilities or public infrastructure. Energy Watch staff offer free lighting audits through the Direct Install Energy Efficiency Measure Installation Program. Energy Watch staff are also able to conduct preliminary facility audits to help identify potential energy efficiency opportunities. Free technical engineering audits are available through PG&E and the California Energy Commission for qualified projects. Contact Energy Watch today to discuss energy audit opportunities.

Energy Benchmarking

In 2012, AMBAG Energy Watch benchmarked the energy use of 220 municipal facilities in the Monterey Bay region using the EPA’s online Portfolio Manager benchmarking tool. Energy Watch staff are available to benchmark qualified facilities for all municipalities and special districts. Energy Watch staff are also available to provide technical assistance to staff who will utilize the functionality of the Portfolio Manager benchmarking tool. Contact Energy Watch today to discuss energy benchmarking opportunities.

Project Assistance

AMBAG Energy Watch staff is available to assist jurisdictions and special districts in identifying, developing, and managing energy efficiency projects. Energy Watch has experience in supporting hundreds of energy efficiency projects across the Monterey Bay region. Energy Watch exists to support local government entities in implementing quality and effective energy efficiency projects. Contact Energy Watch today to discuss project assistance opportunities.