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Bicycle Travel Demand Modeling Project

The Monterey Bay Area Regional Bicycle Travel Demand Model project analyzes bike counts, route data, inventories of existing bike facilities, and a survey of travel behavior to improve planning for bicyclists. Funding for the Bicycle Travel Demand Model is provided by the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District (MBUAPCD) through the AB 2766 Emission Reduction Grant Program.

AMBAG Model Improvement Plan

AMBAG has developed the AMBAG Model Improvement Plan, emphasizing the development of integrated land use and transportation models with various customized modeling and visualization tools to analyze the impact of specific developments (residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use developments) and their realistic impacts on Greenhouse Gas (GHGs) emissions.

AMBAG and the three RTPAs (Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties) of the Monterey Bay region use the AMBAG RTDM in the development of the MTP/RTPs. The proposed modeling tools and data will provide great support in developing and planning for sustainable communities throughout the Monterey Bay region.