Local Update of Census Address (LUCA) In-Person Training

AMBAG will be hosting a Local Update of Census Address (LUCA) in-person training on Tuesday December 12th, 2017. The training and materials will be provided by the Los Angeles Regional Census Center.

LUCA is the only opportunity offered to tribal, state, and local governments to review and comment on the U.S. Census Bureau's residential address list for their jurisdiction prior to the 2020 Census. The Census Bureau relies on a complete and accurate address list to reach every living quarters and associated population for inclusion in the census.

December 31, 1969



GIS Day is a free, annual event celebrated by GIS users and enthusiasts around the world. CCJDC is proud to celebrate GIS Day 2017 at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS) on Wednesday November 15, from noon to 5 PM. This year's theme is The Science of Where. Come see how GIS is improving the Monterey Bay area, meet other GIS users, and celebrate GIS! Refreshments will be provided.

December 31, 1969

Planner/Associate Planner

AMBAG is hiring for a Planner/Associate Planner. This position is open until filled.

Please submit a full application package, which includes a resume and AMBAG employment application. Please see below for the Planner/Associate Planner job description and other details.

Transportation Alternatives for Rural Areas

A focused study of transportation alternatives in rural areas which could help establish transportation strategies and projects that are coordinated with land use policies and economic development strategies helping to implement the 2035 MTP/SCS.

Request for Proposals

AMBAG is not currently out for RFP on any projects.

AMBAG Board of Directors Meeting

December 31, 1969

Sustainable Communities Strategy Implementation Project (SCSIP)

The goal of the Sustainable Communities Strategy Implementation Project (SCSIP) is to implement the Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (MTP/SCS) by making it possible for sustainable development to be implemented in the region. In order to achieve this goal, the project will develop toolkits that focus on infill housing, transportation strategies and measures and economic development. AMBAG will collaborate with cities to create policies for their general plans and regulations to incorporate into ordinances that would implement the vision of the MTP/SCS.

Monterey Bay Area Sensitive Resources Mapping Project

This planning effort identifies sensitive resources in the Monterey Bay Area region to give transportation project managers a better understanding of the potential mitigations projects may require, allowing for long‐term resource planning and early mitigation. The majority of planned transportation projects for the next 30 years which were identified in the Association of Monterey Bay Area Government’s (AMBAG) Moving Forward Monterey Bay 2035 Plan were mapped along with available sensitive resource data.

U.S. 101 Central Coast California Freight Strategy

AMBAG in cooperation with Caltrans, the Santa Cruz Regional Transportation Commission, the Transportation Agency for Monterey County, the Council of San Benito County Governments, the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments, and the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments is preparing a goods movement plan for the US Highway 101 corridor along the California Central Coast from San Benito County to the North to Santa Barbara County in the South. This strategic plan will result in a plan to improve freight movement along the US Highway 101 corridor and key connecting routes, identify opportunities to improve freight movement, improve general traffic movement, and preserve the highway system.

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