Regional Coordination

As the Council of Governments for Santa Cruz County and Monterey County, AMBAG holds responsibility for one of the two regional housing needs allocation (RHNA) for our region. San Benito Council of Governments issues the RHNA determination for San Benito County and cities within.

Senate Bill 375 sets forth new consistency requirements between transportation planning processes and housing planning processes. More specifically, the regional housing needs allocation (RHNA) must be consistent with the Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) development pattern. For the Monterey Bay Area, these requirements necessitate extensive coordination between three regional transportation planning agencies, two major transit agencies, 21 local jurisdictions, two councils of government and AMBAG, the region's metropolitan planning organization.

The region's three Regional Transportation Planning Agencies - Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission, the Transportation Agency for Monterey County, and San Benito Council of Governments - produce countywide Regional Transportation Plans, which shape the metropolitan transportation plan (MTP) for the Monterey Bay Area. Coordinating the planning processes across the region will require active participation of each of these agencies.

Member jurisdictions are eligible for “local assistance” from AMBAG as part of their annual dues. This assistance may come in a variety of services, studies or analysis. Local assistance may not be in the form of cash donation or payment of services to an outside consultant.

Numerous partner agencies fall within the AMBAG regional area of Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties. Listed below are our various partners that operate within the tri-county region.

Monterey Bay Region Directory

AMBAG publishes a comprehensive directory of elected representatives, officials, local jurisdictions, business groups, regional organizations, and governmental agencies in the Monterey Bay Region.

AMBAG's directory provides a wealth of information including names; street and email addresses; and phone and fax numbers.

For each city and county in the AMBAG region, The Directory lists population; date of incorporation; type of government; city hall address; city council location and meeting dates; council members; planning commissioners; and department heads.

Download AMBAG Directory